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The Wind

The Wind
Hommes des Tous les Continents by Bernard Binlin Dadié, page 44
Translation by Margaret E. Wright-Cleveland, 2016

The Wind
over the mirror of river
the confidences of fishermen.
The Wind
over the sources adorned with water lilies
the laughter of water carriers.
The Wind
over the paths
in the tree tops and the herbs
the songs of workers.
In the bushes and the copses
over the stems of flowers
The Wind
the fragrances of the woods.
At the edge of the village
The Wind
Washes up, adorns itself with velvet.
Sits [seated]
on the roof of huts
on the steps carried.
Lying down in the yard
Revives the sleeping embers
The Wind
the dreams of men.
In the trees
The Wind
the young branches
To tell the child farewell.
Whistling through the ravines
Over the top of the oceans and the cities
Hardly stopping at one old inn
In a field of flowers
The Wind
Over the old roads of the world
In a crease of time
Takes away
Its harvest of souvenirs.

December 17, 1963

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