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White Brother

White Brother
Hommes des Tous les Continents by Bernard Binlin Dadié, page 50
Translation by Margaret Wright-Cleveland, 2016

White brother,
overtake the Day,
the shades,
the Night,
The Christmas Eves that I am,
We watch ourselves from the mountain
And build the city without border.
Over the roads of time
Over the checkerboard of Fate,
Winter finds us at work sealing our hovels.
White brother,
Your heart is neither marble nor brass
Let’s put away our masks.
The heart knows only
the rose of Love
and the blue of dreams.
White brother,
Put away
Noble shadows
big chapters
of our history.
We are of the century
Your heart is of flesh
I know it
Mine also
You know it.

White brother
You are a man
I am, too
That is all there is to say.


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